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Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

Sale Alerts

Beat the crowd to sales & brand updates when you save an item or follow a brand.


Not sure what fits your budget & lifestyle? We will find the right items for you.

Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.


Welcome to the Parisian Legacy of Bourjois! With humble beginnings on the boulevards of Paris’ theatre district, this one hundred and fifty-year-old cosmetics brand has a catalogue with over four hundred shades. Daring, affordable, simple French beauty, these are the hallmarks of Bourjois. Shop Bourjois on Shoppr and find out why they say all life’s a stage!


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This is where history and Parisian beauty intersect. Introducing, Bourjois – a cosmetics brand with over 150 years of history and legacy within the cosmetics industry. Created by stage actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin whom began making make up in his own home for his fellow actors and actresses. These simple wax-sticks soon became sought after by women outside the theatre world thus changing Bourjois’ label on their products from ‘Supplier for the Theatre’ to ‘Special Manufacturer of Products for Feminine Beauty’.Ponsin then transferred his work to Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois. It was under Bourjois’ leadership that this famous cosmetics line, rose to its international fame and established its legacy. Bourjois has made history with notable products such as creating the first dual ended mascara, the Coup de Theatre. Soir de Paris, created by Ernest Beaux whom famously invented Channel No.5, was the rage during World War 2 and is now a highly valued collector’s item. The Java Rice Powder that propelled Bourjois to the mass markets of France and other countries, sold a record of two million boxes worldwide – not an easy feat in 1987.

 Today, Bourjois is an internationally recognised brand for all things cosmetics. They bring to women all over the world make up that is simple, affordable, daring and of course French. Their range of lipsticks, foundations and blush at Shoppr, will surely add some joie de vivre to your day!

 Bourjois at Shoppr has a fabulous line of lipsticks, foundations and blush to choose from!


Rouge Edition 12hr Lipstick

This highly pigmented lipstick comes in a variety of colourful semi matte finishes. To ensure that wearer is comfortable it is formulated with shea butter to leave the lips moisturised and soft. This moisturising lipstick comes in Pamplemousse, Cerise sur le Lipstick Ouvert, Prune Afterwork, Beige Shooting, Rose Vanity, Cherry My Cherie and Entry VIP.

Liquid Lipstick

Rogue Edition Velvet

Dubbed the new era of lipsticks, this soft melting formula enriched with evanescent oils, applies smoothly over the lips. It dries soft, with a second-skin feel that doesn’t dry or chap the lips. These little shots of colour are deeply saturated and enhanced with a matte finish for an added chic look.

Its 24-hour formula glides on smoothly with the use of a foam applicator that makes the job easy and precise, resulting in a catwalk perfect look, all day long.

They come in playfully named, Personne Ne Rouge, Frambourjoise, Hot Pepper, Peach Club, Ole Flamingo, Pink Pong, Nude-ist, Grand Cru and Happy Nude Year.

 Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet

The younger line to the original Rouge Edition Velvet, these lipsticks create a veil of matte that is elegant, discreet and ultralight on the lips! The Souffle de Velvet is a hybrid of moisturising whilst providing sheer colour for up to 10 hours. Its creamy veiled texture allows it to sub as a lip balm and blends into the lips seamlessly, creating an unrecognisable bare feel.

The Souffle de Velvet comes in 7 vivid colours! They are Orangelique, Coquelic Oh, Vipeach, Fuschiamallow, Cherryleaders, Plum Plum Pidou and Carameli Melo.

 Colour Boost Lip Crayon

For those unversed with the concept of a lip crayon, think of them as lip balm but with a more saturated colour. That’s how easy they are to apply!

The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon has so many loveable aspects to its formula. Created with silk extract, the formula is non sticky, hydrating and comfortable for its wearers. It’s SPF 15 and waterproof make it a winning multitasking product for women. Lastly, its formula melts and glides over the skin leaving a veil of colour that has the slightest shine to add that bit of shimmer to your day!

These easy-to-wear colours come in Red Sunrise, Fuschia Libre, Orange Punch, Peach on the Beach and Plum Russian. 


Healthy Mix Foundation

The new Radiance Reveal Formula has been created with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion. Using apricot for radiance, apple for youth protection and melon for hydration, the Healthy Mix Foundation will leave your skin looking flawless for up to sixteen hours. Another beneficial ingredient is the addition of crystalline pigments that allow natural light in to the formula thus giving an even and glowing complexion.

It applies soft and blends easily leaving a polished look for wearer.

The Healthy Mix Foundation is available in eight radiance emphasising shades – Vanille, Vanille Clair, Beige Clair, Beige Fonce, Hale Clair, Hale and Hale Fonce.

Healthy Mix Serum- Gel Foundation

Designed to reduce tired looking skin, the Healthy Mix Serum-Gel Foundation has been created with a combination of vitamin rich fruit to create a fresher looking face. The combination of lychee, goji berries and pomegranate help to awaken the skin, aiding wearers on those eye bag days! This instant gel blending texture, smoothly applies on the skin without creating a mask feel or look that are common with other foundations.

Air Mat 24Hr Foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation that lasts up to 24 hours and is undetectable, then this is the foundation for you! Designed to give a matte finish on skin, it has been enriched with micronized powders to ensure a shine free look.

Available in Ivoire Rose, Vanille, Beige Clair, Beige, Beige Dore and Hale Clair.

City Radiance Foundation

A foundation with an anti-pollution formula, the City Radiance Foundation is perfect for the city girl as it keeps carbon particles off skin ensuring it is remains able to breathe. To add to this perfection, it contains SPF 30 UV to protect skin from harmful rays. Lastly, the anti-dullness formula creates a fresh and luminous complexion for radiant looking skin.

Comes in shades of Ivoire, Vanille, Beige Clair, Beige, Beige Dore and Hale Clair.


Healthy Mix Concealer

The correcting concealer is made with a fruit therapy correcting formula that glides over dark circles and imperfections. Ingredients like apricot help with radiance, raspberry for micro-circulation and melon for hydration. Not only is the Healthy Mix Concealer moisturising it is also oil free, making it great for creating a look that is rested and radiant.


Little Round Pot Blush

Bourjois’ Little Round Pot Blush has been made for almost 150 years and for good reason too! The reason for Bourjois’ fame, this small round pot contains a product with a baked texture that when applied to the skin becomes a fine pressed powder. Additionally, the powder is scented with rose to enhance the experience. For the girl on-the-go this little pot comes with a built in mirror and brush too!

There are twelve shades to match all skin tones! They are Brun Cuivre, Chataigne Doree, Rose Eclat, Rose Coup de Foudre, Ambre d’or, Lilas d’or, Rose Pompon, Veloute de Peche, Rose Mandarine, Rose The, Healthy Mix, Cendre de Rose Brune, Rose Frisson, Tomette, Rose Ambre, Sienne, Santal and Rose de Jaspe.


All Bourjois make up have been dermatologically tested by dermatologists. 

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