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Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

Sale Alerts

Beat the crowd to sales & brand updates when you save an item or follow a brand.


Not sure what fits your budget & lifestyle? We will find the right items for you.

Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

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Yuna Proves That Modesty and Fashion Can Work Well Together!

By Yi Jun

Yuna Proves That Modesty and Fashion Can Work Well Together!

She’s making waves wherever she goes, and we can’t help but feel proud of our very own Yuna! She shares her voice through her soulful music, and now she has another message to spread; modesty and fashion can indeed look good together.

#1 Layerings

Yuna does a lot of layering with her clothing. May it be with outerwear (coats, kimonos, jackets), or accessories (colourful scarves), or maybe even both at the same time! Try experimenting with different layers (if it’s not too hot) and mix and match around.

Yuna - Layerings
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#2 Bright Prints & Colours

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds and wear both bright prints and colours. Yuna proves this right as she attends Coachella (we’re jealous!) wrapped in funky prints, colourful pieces and a whole lot of confidence.

Yuna - Bright Prints & Colours
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#3 Oversized Coats

They’re cool, comfortable and gives your appearance an instant lift. Just like Yuna, pair them with simple basics like leggings, sneakers and tees for a chic contrast.

Yuna - Oversized Coats
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#4 Headscarves

Of course, the signature headscarf! Yuna says (many times, we might add) that it is NOT a sign of oppression. In fact, she feels even more confident in it. And we say, you do you, girl!

Yuna - Headscarves
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What to Dress for Events

By Yi Jun

What to Dress for Events

Every morning, we all have that “what should I wear?” thought popping in our minds. But before an important event, that sentiment increases tenfold. We all (usually at the last minute) try to find that perfect dress for fancy occasions! From weddings to family gatherings, we’ve come up with a guide on dresses for you to look your best!

For: Family Dinners

Whether it’s your parent’s anniversary dinner or your 1 year old cousin’s birthday bash that he/she probably won’t remember, family gatherings are inevitable.

Maxi dresses are great for occasions like these as they’re easy to style with! You can add on any extra clothing or accessory according to the occasion, and looks good even if you choose not to. Too hot for your liking? Skater dresses are your next best choice as it can be worn for both casual or fancy events.

Family gatherings don’t happen frequently, but it’s great to keep a few of these dresses in your wardrobe in preparation!

Dresses for Family Dinner

For: Office Parties

We all go for the free food, let’s be honest here. However, just because it’s free food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress appropriately!

Midi dresses and shift dresses have the appropriate length for office events. Plus, you can move around easily in these dresses to mingle around or just help out in cleaning up after the event. If it’s a casual setting, wear a cardigan and flats; if it’s a fancier get-up, amp it up with accessories and low-heels.

Bonus: Since these dresses are already office-appropriate, you can wear them for work too! Just throw on a blazer and some heels. Perfect transition outfit!

Dresses for Office Parties

For: Meetings

It’s not an actual event, but it is one you should dress up accordingly for! Again, follow the knee-length rule and remember that blazer!

A great choice for meetings is the peplum dress. The structure of the dress is simple yet classy, and flatters any body type. Another option for you is everyone’s classic go-to: the shirt dress. May it be plain, striped, long-sleeved, or buttoned, they’re perfect for formal events. Just make sure you go for the midi ones!

Dresses for Meetings

For: Fancy Dates

Finally, your beau is bringing you somewhere fancy-shmancy! Whether for a romantic dinner date overlooking the cityscape view or to watch a Broadway Musical (you probably won’t get to see Hamilton, but you can check out other awesome events here), you need a stand-out dress.

Sheer dresses are feminine and elegant, and comes in a huge variety for you to choose from! They stand out well from the rest of the dresses, and will serve you well on your romantic night out. Bodycon dresses work great too, but you might want to bring along a coat or a shawl in case it gets too chilly. (make sure it’s not too skimpy as well)

Dresses for Fancy Dates

For: Weddings

You know it’s the ‘season of love’ when you get a whole bunch of invitations to attend weddings. Sometimes you get invitations from your mum’s best friend’s son’s wedding, and you’ve only met him once. Whatever it is, it’s still a joyous occasion! *cue in wedding bells*

There’s an unspoken rule when it comes to weddings, try not to go over-the-top. Wherever that came from, we second it. It’s the bride’s day to shine, and that in itself deserves to be celebrated! Go for lace dresses as it fits the love theme really well; cocktail dresses for that sexy yet stylish vibe. Just remember to avoid white!

Dresses for Weddings

For: Prom

It’s going to be a night to remember (cue in that catchy High School Musical song), so make it count! With a huge variation of prom dresses to choose from, you’ll find that exact dress you’ve been looking for here. We won’t say much, cause’ we know just how much you want this night to be perfect for you!

In case you’re still trying to figure out what dress to wear, here’s a few top choices:

Mermaid dresses: A dress with a flowy end at the bottom, named ‘mermaid’ because it resembles a mermaid tail. Perfect if you want a balance between subtle and extravagant!
Princess dresses: Similar to the mermaid dress, but more poofy at the top. You’ll definitely feel like a princess in this one!
Ball Gown: Almost everyone’s first choice, the ball gown looks like the Cinderella gown you’ve seen in the movies: poofy and made from a lot of sheer material from the waist down!

Dresses for Prom
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*Feel free to switch it up between dresses! This is just a simple guide, and you should always wear what you feel the most confident in :)

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Work Edition: Joggers For The Office. It’s Possible!

By Jessica

Work Edition: Joggers For The Office. It’s Possible!

It can be a hassle to wear something that isn’t easy to move in the office, especially when you’ve got a long day ahead and places to run to 24/7! Swap those pencil skirts out for these cool style tips for joggers!

With High Heels

Live life in the fast lane in a pair of heels to go with any pair of joggers. A thing to keep in mind is to make sure the pair is minimal, clean, and not too casual!

Joggers with High Heels

Image Credits: Love Elenore

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With A Blouse

A tailored blouse is always a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe. Even more so when you need them to go with your relaxed jogger pants! It’s a super helpful outfit hack that will come in handy on casual work days.

Joggers with Blouse

Image Credits: Sivan Ayla

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With A Clutch

A cute printed clutch can amp your style game and make a seemingly casual outfit more suited for the workplace. The outfit also works to seamlessly transition you into girls’ night out. Yes, please!

Joggers with Clutch

Image Credits: Fashion Gum

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With A Blazer

Cliché as it seems, a blazer is definitely the go-to piece for the ‘sophistication factor’ it adds to any look. So throw one on and you’ll be all ready to head to the office! In style, of course. Getting the perfect fit is essential when it comes to blazers, so check out this piece by The Every Girl to see how to do just that.

Joggers with Blazer

Image Credits: Lipstick Alley

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A Twist to Your Everyday Denim

By Yi Jun

A Twist to Your Everyday Denim

We all know denim will never go out of style (thank you, gods of fashion) and it’s because they’re so versatile and easy to style that innovative designs keep on emerging. Here’s a few that we love, and you might wanna try before everyone else does.

Twist: Patch Denim

From its first debut on runway shows to having A-Listers (ahem, Margot Robbie) rocking the jeans patch, customized jeans are making its appearance everywhere. If you’re thinking “I’m too old for this trend”, just think of it as Pokemon Go: give it a try and see if you like it.

Twist: Patch Denim
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Twist: Embroidered Denim

Similar to the patch denim, embroidered denims have patterns attached, but are stitched on and will be there as long as your denim lives. Go with an embroidered denim jacket for that boho effect!

Twist: Embroidered Denim
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Twist: Printed Denim

Okay fine, it’s not really a new twist, but it was slightly off the radar but now slowly making its way back into the present. Camouflage prints are street-infused and look chic with simple tops.

Twist: Printed Denim
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Twist: Frayed Denim

Not as popular as the ripped denim, but this gem deserves some recognition. Great for those that want to show off their bohemian side!

Twist: Frayed Denim
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All Denim

You know what looks great with jeans? Sneakers. Not a fan of jeans, you say? Cigarette pants are your next best choice. They’re versatile and add that touch of class to your outfit!

Style Tips for Date Night: Romanticise your Outfit

By Jessica

Style Tips for Date Night: Romanticise your Outfit

Step out into your date with less black and more lace, floral and pastels. Attempt a fun and flirty look with these style tips on how to romanticise your outfit!

Lovely in Lace

Lace makes an outfit look more girly as well as sophisticated. Attempt to incorporate some lace into your outfit for that polished feel. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimalistic to achieve maximum romanticism.

Style Tips for Date Night - Lace

Image Credits: Bond Girl Glam

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Fantastic in Floral

Swap out your bold colours with vintage-y florals to give your wardrobe that romantic feel. Pair it with a loose fitting top collared top for that flirty look. Alternatively, pair it with a crop top or a well fitted top for a more formal occasion.

Style Tips for Date Night - Floral

Image Credits: Chictopia

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Pretty in Pastel

Going pastel is probably the easiest way to romanticise your outfits. Instead of bold colours, opt for sweet nudes and pastels!

Style Tips for Date Night - Pastel

Image Credits: Stylegawker

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Bonus Tips!

- Tie your hair in a side braid or some lovely waterfall braids to truly amp up your look!

- If you decide to accessorise, keep it minimal with dainty rings, small pendant necklaces, and delicately crafted earrings. Less is more!

- Keeping your hair in a polished clean look will emphasise anything on your outfit. (It’s probably also a smart idea given the scorching heat!)

A lot of us seem to think dates = heels, but that’s not always the case! Here’s how you can look taller without hurting yourself! Now you can go ahead and wow your date! ;)

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