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Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

Sale Alerts

Beat the crowd to sales & brand updates when you save an item or follow a brand.


Not sure what fits your budget & lifestyle? We will find the right items for you.

Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

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10 Step Korean Skincare Crash Course

10 Step Korean Skincare Crash Course

If you have ever marvelled at the porcelain skins of TV stars while watching your favourite K-dramas, you're not alone! Yes, luminous skin can be achieved without layers of makeup or expensive treatments, and it can all be attributed to the infamous 10 step skincare routine that most Korean women swear by! Yup, that's 1,2,3...10 steps - an impressive upgrade from the regular cleanser, toner and moisturizer regime that most of us are familiar with and we can definitely see amazing results. Feel lost? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's a breakdown of each step to make it easier for you to attain that gorgeous skin!

Step 1- Remove All Makeup

The first step of this extensive skincare routine is to, of course, wipe off all the makeup on your skin. Nothing clogs pores more than makeup residue on the face so never miss this important step! An oil-based balm or cleanser is ideal to break down all traces of makeup, including stubborn waterproof formulas. 

Banilla Co - Clean It Zero (RM75)

The Body Shop - Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (RM55)

Step 2 – Use Water-Based Cleansers

You may think double cleansing is unnecessary but we promise you, it is worth every effort! Cleansing with a water-based cleanser after removing your makeup further ensures that all irritants and residue are completely removed from your skin.

Too Cool For School - Eggzyme Foaming Cleanser (RM49)

Sulwhasoo - Snowsie Cleansing Foam (RM29)

Step 3 – Exfoliate Dead Cells

Exfoliating is crucial for the removal of dead skin cells and other build-ups that can cause clogged pores. By removing the old layer of skin cells, a brighter and cleaner face is revealed. However, exfoliating should not be done every day (we think once a week is ideal) as overdoing it may irritate the skin and make it more sensitive.

Skin Food - Black Sugar Foaming Scrub (RM36)

Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant (RM291)

Step 4 – Tone It Up

After cleansing and exfoliating, it's time to balance your skin and restore PH levels with toning. It also preps your skin to better absorb moisture from other products. For oilier and acne-prone skin, natural anti-bacterial toners that contain tea tree or witch hazel is great at targeting larger pores. If you have drier skin, a hydrating toner or lotion is great to restore the moisture level of your skin. 

Thayers - Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Astringent (RM51)

Klairs - Supple Preparation Toner (RM75)

Step 5 – Apply Essence Layers

The bridging step between toning and treatment, an essence is applied in a form of a thinner texture to further improve the moisture of the skin. Considered as the most notable step in the entire regime, Korean women swear by this miracle step that allegedly aids in cell turnover rate, unveiling fresher and clearer skin.

Innisfree - Green Tea Essence (RM59)

Belif - Numero 10 Essence (RM132)

Step 6 – Get Targeted Treatment

Everyone’s skin differs, and there are a million treatments in the market targeted towards specific skin concerns. Be it acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sun spots, targeted treatments such as serums or ampoules can be applied on the skin to address such issues.

B.liv - Blackhead Sebum Gel (RM159)

The Face Shop - Clarifying Spot Calming Ampoule (RM126)

Step 7- Slap On a Sheet Mask

Definitely the most fun and relaxing step in this regime, sheet masks are extra soothing and beneficial to the skin. Aside from the purifying attributes of sheet masks, putting on a soothing sheet over your face for 15-20 minutes to unwind after a long day of work sounds heavenly! Packed with concentrated serums that further hydrates and nourishes your skin, the thin material of the sheet mask allows for the most efficient method for product absorption.

Faith In Face - Let It Glow Hydrogel Mask (RM11)

Etude House - AC Clean Up Sheet Mask Twin Pack (RM20)

Step 8- Care For Those Peepers

The eyes truly are the windows to your soul and also the part of your skin that is most delicate. Therefore, making sure that you properly hydrate and treat the area around your eyes is most important to minimize puffiness. With a suitable eye cream, it's time to bid puffy eyes and dark circles goodbye!

Cosrx - Honey Ceramide Eye Cream (RM89)

Benefit - It's Potent Eye Cream (RM180)

Step 9 - Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Phew! 8 steps down, 2 to go! Seal in all your hard work with a final moisturizing layer. In our hot climate, it's important to hydrate religiously in order to maintain that dewy glow. Those with oily skin tend to shy away from moisturizers for fear of even oilier results but the secret is to find the best moisturizer for your skin type. For normal or oily skin, water-based or gel formulas are a lightweight option. However, thicker and heavier creams should only be used for drier skin.

By Wishtrend - Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream (RM112)

Biotherm - Aquasource Everplump (RM195)

Step 10- Shield From The Sun

We cannot stress enough on the importance of sun protection during the day, even in gloomy weather! UV rays can really damage the skin, making it more sensitive and prone to darkening of scars and stubborn spots. And if you are worried about premature aging of your skin, make sure to apply sunscreen every time you head out the door! 

Yadah - Oh My Sunscreen (RM47)

Belif - UV Protector Sunscreen (RM99)

4 Easy Ways to Dress As Your Favourite Characters for Halloween

4 Easy Ways to Dress As Your Favourite Characters for Halloween

We all love the 31st of October. Halloween night! It’s the only night in which our creativity comes in full force, surging our minds with endless ideas on what to wear for Halloween. Although trick or treating isn’t an option for us, it doesn’t mean we’ll be staying home and binge watching horror movies on the spookiest night of the year. Dressing up is always a must, what with all the endless parties and events with costume themes going on. Although we do applaud the effort some people put into their costumes like renting or even buying specific clothes that will only see the light of day once a year, you don’t necessarily need to do that! Here at Shoppr, we are great advocates of reusing your clothes and styling it differently to create multiple looks, giving the word versatile a whole new meaning. For this year’s Halloween (and many more to come, we hope!), try shopping for versatile pieces that are significant enough to be part of your costume but also able to be worn on a daily basis, killing two birds with one stone!

Eleven From Stranger Things

Credit: The Odyssey

2016 saw a multitude of Netflix shows that left us with many sleepless nights and Stranger Things was definitely one of it! We totally love the throwback to the 80’s theme of the show, fanny packs, ringer t-shirts and Chuck Taylors! Our favourite character was definitely Eleven. Though you don’t need to have mind bending powers and a bloody nose, a blue bomber jacket and pink dress can definitely suffice. We love the blend of boyish and girly clothes of Eleven, the perfect embodiment of all pre-teen girls in us growing up.

Dressing Paula - Batwing Sleeve Bomber (RM140)

Shop navy sweaters >

Miss Selfridge - Pink Lace Sleeve Dress (RM115)

Shop pink dresses >

The Plastics From Mean Girls

Credit: IMDB

Gather a few of your best girlfriends and prepare to look totally fetch this Halloween. We’d like to collectively agree that Mean Girls is a movie we can watch multiple times, recite every hilarious line and still not get bored of it. It’s totally easy to recreate the wardrobe of Regina George and her sidekicks, you might even have some of the quintessential items needed buried in your wardrobe. The things you need include: a mini skirt, sassy high school queen attitude and most importantly some pink, because on Wednesdays, we wear pink!

 Forever 21- Ribbed Knit Sweater (RM42)

Shop pink sweaters >

Miss Selfridge - Pink Ruffled Mini Skirt (RM90)

Shop pink mini skirts >

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

Credit : Pinterest

If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner Goth girl but don’t want to come off as too intimidating, Halloween is the perfect time to try it out. Get your hair into a double braid and put on your grimmest face, because Wednesday Addams is here for Halloween! Lucky for you, childish giggles and hopping around wouldn’t be necessary due to Wednesday’s deadpan demeanour. All you need is the hair, a collared black dress and an eternally soulless facial expression to nail this look.

Shein - Contrast Collar & Cuff Swing Dress (RM81)

Shop black collared dresses >

Asos - Black tights (RM22)

Shop black tights >

Cher Horowitz from Clueless

Credit: Pinterest

With the revival of the 90’s trend, nothing is more perfect for a throwback style icon than Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Just the scene of her picking out her outfit from a virtual closet has got us gushing with envy. If you’ve watched Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX’s music video for their hit song “Fancy”, you’ve probably noticed how they paid homage to the iconic movie. However, you certainly don’t need a team of stylists to curate the perfect outfit for channelling your inner Cher Horowitz. All you need is a plaid skirt, thigh high socks and a fitted sweater to look like the preppy princess herself. Extra points too if you happen to have a furry top pen lying around.

Dorothy Perkins - Yellow Cotton Cardigan (RM119)

Shop yellow cardigans >

Shein - Frill Trim Yellow Checkered Skirt (RM34)

Shop checkered skirts >
Pantone's Hottest Shades For Fall

Pantone's Hottest Shades For Fall

Along with the season, many things in the fashion world follows suit. Hemlines, materials and even prints. Colours, especially, comprises most on what is the next best thing to add to your shopping cart, even when you promised yourself you wouldn’t buy anything anymore! The world awaits the official colours trend report from Pantone, with a team of experts to keep a watchful eye on the trending colours from the runway of New York fashion week to the coolest threads on IT Girls and celebrities. Pantone breaks down 10 of the hottest shades for the rest of the year, giving us a clear leverage on what colours we would want to be seen wearing to make fashion heads turn. 


Red is a staple in every wardrobe, but this confident red is a vivacious bright hue with orange undertones that we think will look like a bright pop of statement on all skintones.  This shade would make a great lipstick, especially useful for a quick pick me up on tired faces. 

Credits : The Beauty Nerd

NYX Professional Makeup - Full Throttle Lipstick (RM34)

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Tawny Port

What better way to embody your love for wine than on your outfit, and no we don’t mean spilling it on your favorite white t-shirt. Think of Tawny Port as a dark and more elegant version of Grenadine. We’ve always loved dark red hues, but we love it especially more now when vampy season is approaching.

Credits : Pinterest

Missguided - Burgundy Long Line Blazer (RM199)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Ballet Slippers

With such a dainty name, we think this pretty shade pays homage to our earlier days of leotards, tutus and pointe shoes during ballet lessons. Not all of us are destined to be the next prima ballerina, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock this soft pale pink. A pair of cute flats or mules in this cute shade is perfect for everyday wear, even if they aren't actual ballet slippers.

Credit : The Zoe Report

Christy Ng - Elanor Light Pink (RM109)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!


The neutral camel shade is highly versatile and is all the range, and we have no one else to give credits to but Kanye West himself. After the Yeezy fashion show that showcased stunning models in flesh toned attires, we are reminded of how flattering camel toned outfits are, sticking close to the barely-there trend. 

Credits : Pinterest

Missguided - Ribbed Sleeveless Jumpsuit (RM85)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Navy Peony

This deep and rich blue is perfect for those of you who can't seem to part from the colour black. We get it, black is the perfect shade for everything, and not to mention how it manages to hide the extra pounds gained after an ice cream binge session. Navy Peony is the next best thing from black, offering a subtle yet impressionable pop of colour into the dark black abyss of clothing that is your wardrobe. 

Credits : Weheartit

Izette by Zizie Izette - Blair Cropped Hoodie Top (RM160)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Neutral Gray

Just like Navy Peony, Neutral Gray is also a staple colour for all you black fanatics. Usually worn with masculine pieces, step away from the norm and rock a more girly article of clothing in the cool shade. 

Credit - Just Another

Zonewetwo - Gray Tied Waist Asymmetric Waist Skirt (RM109)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Shaded Spruce

Shaded Spruce is a rich evergreen hue, with the perfect mixture of blue and green. It reminds us of the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Rocking this shade won't make you look like a Christmas tree, but it will definitely look luxe, just like Selena Gomez in her dark green sweatpants.

Credits : Pinterest

MDS - Waisted Cropped Pants (RM109)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Golden Lime

No we are not done with the colour green yet! Golden lime is a green shade but with a warmer golden hue. This may be a tougher colour to pull off but we say pairing it with darker or plainer shades will definitely get the job done. 

Credits: Teen Vogue

Adrini's - Sleeveless Inner Dress (RM79)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!


A light blue with just a hint of periwinkle, this colour shows that bright and cool tones can be worn all year long! The beautiful and feminine shade looks absolutely perfect on a flowy dress, a breath of fresh air from the usual darker shades worn during this time of the year.

Credits : Celebmafia

Warehouse - Micro Pleat Midi Dress (RM187)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

Autumn Maple

Last but not least, what fall colour chart is complete without a warm pumpkin orange? From pumpkin flavored drinks, lotions, lip balms and so much more, we've lost count on all the pumpkin products in the market. However, a pumpkin hued article of clothing is totally flattering and will definitely add a warm glow to your look. 

Credits: Wheretoget

Missguided - Orange Tile Printed Bandeau Bralet (RM57)

Shop for more similar toned outfits here!

The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: Nature Lovin’

The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: Nature Lovin’

An escape into the woods, surrounded by Mother Nature and all it’s glory? Sign us up and take all our money! But in all seriousness, some time away from the hustle and bustle of technology can do you good, so what better place to start than in Asia? If you’re up for an adventure, here’s what you need to put in your checklist.

#Checklist 1: Activewear 


Credits: A Southern Drawl

Since you’ll be doing a whole lot of hiking, walking and maybe even extreme sports, your usual T-shirt and shorts will do you no good. Invest in proper activewear that’ll suit your needs, as every type of activity requires different materials. A good sportswear will protect you, and they won’t tear easily. Besides, a lot of them are so comfortable that you can even wear them casually!

Shop Activewear >

#Checklist 2: SPF Products


Credits: Byrdie

Ladies, if there’s one thing we constantly stress about, it’s that you need SPF to protect your skin. Yes, even while indoors! It’s important to carry SPF with you at all times (especially under the sun) because it shields your skin from UV Rays, thus avoiding any damages or sunburns. Lucky for us, there’s a variety of choices now, which includes SPF make-up and toners, so there’s no excuse for you to skip this step.

Shop SPF Products >

#Checklist 3: Caps


Credits: Kelly In The City

Just like your skin, your head needs protection too. Yes, we’re aware that caps can’t stop rocks from falling on your head as you go mountain-climbing (ouch), but they can protect you from the sun. Too much exposure under the sun might give you a headache, and we don’t want you to get sick on your vacation. There are cute ones available, and they add extra points to your OOTD game. 

Shop Caps > 

#Checklist 4: Sneakers


Credits: Girls Life

Your activewear, SPF products and caps should always be accompanied by sneakers! Pretty self-explanatory here, since covered feet are always better when it comes to activities in the sun. You wouldn’t want dirt, rocks or mud on your bare feet! And if you’re planning to go swimming in the waterfalls, just bring an extra pair of socks and then you can continue on your trail after.

Shop Sneakers >

Optional: Swimwear


Credits: journeyinsidemyhead

This is optional, as it really depends on where you’re headed. While some places allow you to swim in just tees and shorts, proper swimwear will do wonders. One-piece swimsuits are your best bet if you’re planning to swim in nature, as they won’t fall off easily. (You can keep the bikinis for OOTDs later)

Shop Swimwear >

About ZEN Rooms

Travel more, pay less! Founded in Indonesia, ZEN Rooms offers budget accommodation for travellers across 39 cities in Asia. Carefully selecting independent and budget hotels, ZEN Rooms guarantees you a stay that’s comfortable and of high-quality, without breaking the bank.

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The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: City Slickin’

The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: City Slickin’

We’re not sure about you, but the idea of driving past skyscrapers and tall buildings gives us a sense of awe. Travelling in the city has many perks, such as full access to WiFi, abundance of eateries, and of course, the shopping! Ready for an adventure of “wanderlust and city dust” across Asia?

Weather: Cold 

You Need: Outerwear


Credits: Who What Wear

Now, if the city’s leaning towards the “I need to wear double layers here” spectrum, it’s absolutely mandatory to carry an outerwear wherever you go. It can be a light kimono if it’s not too chilly, or a thick leather jacket to brace the cold air. You can definitely find ones that are both fashionable and protective! Remember to check the weather before you head out- you don’t want to catch a cold during your trip.

Shop Outerwear >  

You Need: Boots


Credits: Hello Fashion Blog

Sure, sneakers and loafers are covered shoes too, but there’s a reason why shopping malls stock up with boots in countries that have winter. They provide extra protection, and some even have glides at the sole so you won’t slip! You don’t have to wear knee-high boots like Rihanna does, but a simple ankle boot will keep you warm enough. Socks are optional, but recommended to avoid awful blisters.

Shop Boots >

Weather: Hot

You Need: Maxi Dress


Credits: Extra Petite

If you’re wondering why this isn’t in the ‘cold’ weather section, we have good reason! While many perceive maxi dresses as a type of clothing you wear when it’s cold out, they’re not entirely wrong. Wearing shorts or mini dresses out under the scorching sun can give you nasty sunburns. So opt for maxi dresses that have light fabric and a flowy hem yet cover your legs.

Shop Maxi Dresses >

You Need: Sunglasses


Credits: Hustle & Halcyon

Just like how you must protect your skin, you need to protect your eyes too! They’re just as sensitive, and you need your pair of eyes to be in good condition to take in all the beautiful surroundings. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that actually have UV Ray protection (we know the cheap ones are really tempting, but don’t!) and you’re good to go.

Shop Sunglasses >

About ZEN Rooms

Travel more, pay less! Founded in Indonesia, ZEN Rooms offers budget accommodation for travellers across 39 cities in Asia. Carefully selecting independent and budget hotels, ZEN Rooms guarantees you a stay that’s comfortable and of high-quality, without breaking the bank.

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